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A living room with a coffee-colored rug.

Living Room Rug Ideas to Revamp Your Interiors

Rugs boast several useful, practical attributes, which makes them an excellent choice for your living room floor. They can also be used as insulators, creating warmer spaces and reducing heating bills. Rugs also soften any foot noises, reducing sound transference to the rooms below.

However, when it comes to style, rugs can add personality to the living room. Placing some matching rugs on custom-designed tiles also opens up several customization options for your space.

There are several effective ways you can add an aesthetic appeal to your living room and revamp its entire look with rugs. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

Statement Rugs


A statement rug can go with the rest of your furnishing while also looking simple and minimal.  You can decide on the color of the rug based on the cushions in the living room, curtains, or any other prominent accessory or fittings.


You can also have the furniture in your place coordinated with a neutral-colored rug. Choosing a textured or silk-finished rug can add a bit of luxury and elegance to your living room. Alternatively, you can mix and match colors to see what works for your living room.

Go Bold with Rugs


Colors such as purple or deep blue can transform the look of your room and create impact. Bold colors signify an energetic, lively, ideal, social, and welcoming space. On the other hand, going with dark shades adds more depth and sophistication to your living room. Blue- and purple-colored rugs are an eclectic combination of sophistication and elegance that can further complement your living room.

Flooring Art

An elegant living room with a textured rug.

Did you know you can use rugs in the form of floor art? Adding rugs that offer color, texture, and personality can revamp your living room into an aesthetic space that reflects art and character. They can complement beautiful wooden floors and make the rug a focal point for your room. A rug that’s inspired by a painting will also add a personal touch to your home. Be sure to check out our carpets and rugs shop to finding rugs that best suit your interior design needs.


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