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What Is the Best Way to Maintain Hardwood Flooring?

We all love hardwood floors because of the beautiful rustic look they give a home. But they are notorious for being fragile; they get scuffed easily, swell up if they are overexposed to water, and aren’t sealed properly. If you want your hardwood floors to remain in top shape for a long time, you need to learn how to clean and maintain them. It doesn’t matter if you have reclaimed or solid wood floors; their general upkeep routine is almost identical. Here is how you clean the wooden floors without damaging their finish and shine.

Vacuum Away the Dirt

A buildup of dust and grime can not only be extremely hard to clean but can also damage the finish of your hardwood floors. Dirt and grime are abrasive, and if you walk on top of them, they can scratch and ruin the surface of your floors. So, it is better to vacuum your hardwood floors regularly and, if possible, do a simple sweep every day.

A person mopping hardwood floors to remove a buildup of dirt

If you think you won’t have time to clean your floors every day, then aim for areas that have the most dust and dirt, like entryways, hallways, and the kitchen.

Choose the Right Products

If you aren’t sure about what products you want to or can use on your hardwood floors, talk to your flooring manufacturer since they often recommend a particular product. But if that isn’t possible, they choose any hardwood floor cleaner certified by Greenguard. This typically means that your product is free of any harmful chemicals and won’t harm you or your pets. Avoid using cleaners made for tile or vinyl floors since they are completely different from hardwood floors and could damage your floors instead of cleaning them.

Replace If Necessary

We all know that wood doesn’t have an exceptionally long life, and this means that at some point, you will have to resort to completely replacing your floorboards, or at least some of them, because no amount of cleaning will bring back a dilapidated piece of wood.

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