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Wooden flooring in a living room

Wooden vs. Tile Flooring: Which is the Perfect Option for You?

There was a time when the only option for flooring in Melville, NY, was either carpeting or wooden floors. As home styles change, so do interior decoration trends and flooring designs. These days, a variety of flooring choices are available for people to renovate their homes in the best possible way, ranging from budget-friendly and low-maintenance alternatives to high-end ones.

Although most homeowners are usually confused between two popular options, wood, and tile flooring, take a look at the difference to make a better choice for your home design:

Hardwood Is a Timeless Trend

Since the 1600s, people have been using hardwood floors. It was launched in France as a substitute for marble flooring, requiring extensive and regular cleaning.

You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to hardwood floors. You can have a classic baroque look or a modern finish; different geometric patterns can be paneled together to create a striking look. If you get tired of the look after a few years, then have it polished in a different hue.

Tile flooring in a house

Tile Flooring

You can never go wrong with this option when it comes to tile flooring in Melville, NY. Ceramic tiles are elegant and simple and go well with almost every possible interior design style that you may have at home.

Tiles not only look amazing but are also shock-resistant and long-lasting. They’re more cost-effective and suitable for Long Island’s weather conditions.  Not only that, but tile flooring comes in many options, styles, and designs these days.


Hardwood floors require little maintenance aside from the usual cleaning. Keep your floors waxed and polished so that liquid spillage does not stain the wood. Waxing the floor deals with almost every stain in existence and ensures that your hardwood floors look just as good as new.

On the other hand, tile floors can’t be scratched as easily as wood, but they can easily stain. You should mop tiled floors at least once a week to maintain their sheen and look. You can perform a deep cleaning on certain types of tiles floors to keep them spotless and shiny.


Hardwood floors absorb more moisture; too much moisture will make it swell if no countermeasures are taken. You have to be careful about the types of shoes you wear on hardwood because the pressure from cleats and heels can damage the hardwood surface.

Tiles are more durable when glazed, making them resistant to stains. They don’t expand as much from temperature and moisture.

Most importantly, wood is a natural insulator that feels warm to the touch while tiles are cooler.

Meet Your Design Ideas

Don’t like the boring and traditional flooring designs? Don’t worry! That won’t be an issue with ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles can mimic hardwood and natural stones like marble and look just like the real deal. This makes them an affordable option for homeowners who want to achieve that sophisticated look without overspending

Water Resistance

Unlike wood flooring, Ceramic tiles are water resilient and don’t absorb water.

At Signatures Flooring and Interior, we provide you with all the flooring options you can desire and think of. We offer hardwood and tiled flooring services for the residents of New York. Call us for carpet installation and cleaning services to ensure that your house flooring makes a statement every time someone walks in.

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